Syxis is a Lithuanian organization that was born in 2022 from already existing and consolidated European realities, which brought their experience in the field of research and funded innovation on topics such as digital, circular economy and networking.

Our goal is to become a federation of technology producers and technology users, who collaborate with each other and use Horizon Europe projects to finance their research.

To achieve this, Syxis supports organizations in their innovation pathway, cooperating with them in drafting and managing projects, in applying for European funding, in developing innovative solutions from a technological and methodological point of view, in creating contacts and relationships that can transform in new businesses, and in new solutions on the market.

Among our values:

#passion #competence #problemsolving #innovation #creativity


Sustainability HAS to be the key factor for the future to ensure the survival of human society. The idea of “Positive Degrowth” (Serge Latouche) as been proven as un-achievable; in our opinion, today the option to reach is Sustainable Development.


The 3 Syxis Key pillars are the enabling elements that we aim to achieve for a sustainable development of the society.


to reduce the impact and improve sustainability in the environment, the society and the economy.


to experience the value of sharing knowledge, data and information, across multiple sectors, people and organizations.


to merge virtual and physical worlds, grow services and reduce the physical impact of trials, prototypes and production errors.


Our aim is to create a community of Innovative organizations interested in the cooperation among the Syxis Keys.

To do so, we enable and feed a network of SMEs, Industries, Research Centers and Universities, involving them into research and innovation projects, where technologies, methodologies, demonstrations, testing, trials, prototypes, can be developed and validated.

Our focus is to carry out EU proposals and Innovative projects in an efficient and result oriented way, through trusted and long term partners.

Syxis brings to the collaboration table solutions which are able to be innovative for technological innovators, methodological innovators, innovative users.

This is why we focus on use cases that are core for the end users, and on technologies core for technical providers.


Our team is made up of people who have embraced the thypical philosophy of Syxis in their life, having chosen to acquire experience in the same key areas. They have made the circular economy a goal to be achieved, the digitallization an essential tool, and the networking a way of growth, of sharing and of co-creating.   

In addition to being highly qualified, the team is composed of versatile people, accustomed to solving problems of various kinds, and naturally inclined to innovation from a technological point of view and also from a methodological point of view. 

Syxis is an environment where everyone’s skills merge, improve and stimulate continuous growth, motivated by genuine interest in the innovation we lead, as well as by a passion for an ever-changing and improving World.  

We propose this same model of collaboration to our Partners, aware that the important theme of Sustainability is a path to be faced together. 


Horizon Europe is the European Union’s framework program for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027. It is the successor to Horizon 2020.

– It is the largest transnational research and innovation program in the world.

It finances research and innovation activities – or R&I support activities – and does so mainly through open and competitive calls for proposals.