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Founding Partner


In a single reality, the perfect combination of application research activities, solid know-how and the creation of business solutions.

We are members of UCIMU, Federmacchine, UCIMA, and IBM business partner.

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Founding Partner

Cyber Brain

CyberBrain is an IP holding that develops, patents and introduces to the market innovative ideas and is specialized in IoT, AI and Analytics technologies related with Product/Service Lifecycle, Sustainability and circular economy, holding rights of several products and patents.

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Croma Gio.Batta

CROMA is a sale and management company of surgical instrument and medical devices, also including the design and construction of sterilisation centers for the sterilisation service and supply of rental surgical instruments for public hospitals and private clinics.


Silk Biomaterials

KLISBio is a medtech company currently developing a variety of regenerative medicine implantable products leveraging the power of silk fibroin to promote an endogenous repair of human soft tissues.



FAE Technology

FAE Technology S.p.A. – Benefit Company is a Tech company and parent of the Italian electronics sector Group of the same name.

The Company, through several dedicated and integrated assets, can very rapidly enable electronic innovation in the various sectors in which it plays a central role, including e-mobility, the Internet of things (IoT), industrial automation 4.0 and aerospace.

FAE Technology is known for its focus on innovation – promoting open innovation and shared research at the “Kilometro Rosso” hub – and on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, becoming a Benefit Company on May 13, 2022.






SEMI is an experimental space where people can propose, try, do, participate and listen.
An island of serenity.
The alternative to the whirlwind of routine that engulfs us every day.
We are SEEDS of a kind and respectful society, where everyone learns to know their own essence, their own resources and their own time, to do what they like and find their own precise space, role and task in the slice of society in which they find themselves.
We are those who continue to ask questions, to believe in man, to do research, trial and error.

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