Grant agreement ID: 101092176

WASABI: White-label shop for digital intelligent assistance and human-AI collaboration in manufacturing

WASABI is a Research Project on the use of #conversationalAI
for augmented and #humancentered #decisionmaking in #sustainable and #resilient #manufacturing.

The WASABI vision is that digital assistance and conversational AI become standard practices to reach sustainability goals in manufacturing. Humans will use it, for instance, to identify and assess opportunities to turn waste into a resource, and to reorganize work to minimize carbon footprints.

Access to these benefits will be as simple as selecting and configuring Apps from an online store and interoperability minimizes vendor-lock-in and maximizes information valorisation. New AI-focused training services for employees will be a general practice too. They let workers experience solutions and teach them about the capabilities, risks, and limitations of AI in manufacturing.

Digital assistance solutions will blend into Europe’s emerging legal framework for AI and they will be affordable and manageable even by small producers.

Syxis will be responsible for the waste inspector developments, serve as use case/experiments facilitator, and lead the dissemination activities.


Grant agreement ID: 101058174

Is about transformation of energy intensive process industries through integration of energy, process, and feedstock flexibility.

It will comprise the ideal environment to evaluate and validate solutions, optimising processes and preceding physical application.
It will be an integral part of validating flexible operation parameters, but also changes in fuel and feedstock types.
To address the intrinsic differences between process.


Grant agreement ID: 101092073

The global objective of RaRe project is to create a flexible and resilient Holistic Ecosystem Platform,
enabled by the interaction among many European organizations interested in cooperating in the fast
reconfiguration of process chains, through collaborative systems and adaptable workforce upskilling.
RaRe will help make the European manufacturing landscape sustainably robust to unexpected
market change, sudden disruption, legal change, or every kind of crisis and changing scenario
including climate and weather related.
To achieve this, RaRe has set out several strategic and operational objectives, which are based on
the universal interpretation of a reconfigurable manufacturing system.
They include on one side innovative digital solutions, and on the other side knowledge about
standards and methodologies which can support the quickness in reconfiguration, and which can
enable the possibility to reach a certification at early stages.
The key pillars on which RaRe is based are:
i. Early detection of reconfiguration needs, based on structured and analysed data coming from
different internal and external sources and combined thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
ii. Smart connection of physical and logical elements in order to rapidly adapt products, processes
and supply chain to the changed situations.
iii. Empowering and up-skilling of humans to let decision makers be able to make fast and concrete
decisions about the reconfiguration of the system and about the fast ramp up of the workforce, and
workers to quickly learn a new job.
Environmental Sustainability will be underlying concepts for the entire project, being considered as
variables in the simulations to take decisions, approaching green elements for certifications,
proposing recycled materials, etc. In parallel, the focus of the project on Human aspects will gain
inclusivity in decisions, being able to empower diversity with a resilient, inclusive, democratic
approach and high focus on talent and competences of each single person.


Grant agreement ID: 101092021

AUTO-TWIN addresses the technological shortcoming and economic liability of the current system-engineering model by 1) introducing a breakthrough method for automated process-aware discovery towards autonomous digital twin generation, to support trustworthy business processes in circular economies; 2) adopting an (International Data Space) IDS-based common data space, to promote and facilitate the secure and seamless exchange of manufacturing/product/business data within value-networks in a circular-economy ecosystem; 3) integrating novel hardware technologies into the digital thread, to create smart Green Gateways, empowering companies to perform data and digital twin enabled green decisions, and to unleash their full potential for actual zero-waste Circular Economy and reduced dependency from raw materials.


Our exploitable results

Exploitable result: Digital Product Passport à Object digital lifecycle passport, based on the high-resolution track and tracing

Exploitable result: Reducing skills and knowledge gap and empowering humans through AI à Assessment of gaps of a worker in relation to the skills needed for DT development and maintenance, including production system profiling à SYXIS responsible of the software

Projects’ activities

Involvement in AI4Manufacturing Community

Responsible of definition of Reference architecture and integration guidelines

Work package leader: Common Data Space for Circular Economies & Blockchain Platform Implementation

Project Management activities as Societal, legal and ethical issues

projects in which our partners have participated


Team members have 11 years of experience in 32 EU funded projects.

We have covered in Eu projects the following roles:

• Project Coordinator

• Project Coordinator Operation Manager

• Technical coordinator

• Technical WP leader

• Pilot WP leader

• IoT and IT Platform developer

• Pilot Harmonizers

• Solution Ambassadors

• Exploitation Managers

• Dissemination and Communication manager

• Data Managers


rEUse platform

An ecosystem digital platform to manage circular economy information about circular entities, processes and services. 


backend solution

“Things Data” management and Analytics tool 


a tool to manage innovative workers competences improvement 

Circular Product Avatar

a tool to collect circular information across lifecycles about objects, products and prototypes

Idea Manager

a co-creation tool to exchange ideas in a collaborative table with open innovation approach   


The augmented intelligence tool that meets the new needs of industrial machine manufacturers.


The augmented intelligence tool that meets the new needs of industrial machine manufacturers.